Our founder & technical advisor Nian Sun was awarded the Constantinos Mavroidis Outstanding Translational Research Award from the College of Engineering, Northeastern University in 2020

Originally named the Outstanding Translational Research Award, in 2020 the award was renamed in honor of Constantinos Mavroidis, a College of Engineering Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Director of the Biomedical Mechatronics Laboratory. His admirable dedication, accomplishments, and contributions to research and education embody the essence of the award. Professor Mavroidis was the first recipient of this award at its inaugural launch in April 2014.

“Through his efforts, Professor Sun is actively engaged in translating his outstanding research into the real world and engineering next-generation sensors, antennas, and tunable components for next-generation devices.”

“Professor Sun has shown enormous dedication in translating his research into inventions that are expected to impact the miniaturization of next-generation wireless and sensor devices. He is highly deserving of the COE Outstanding Translational Research Award.”

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