Products & Services

With over 14 years of experience, Winchester Technologies offers comprehensive services to cater to the growing needs of the industry in various areas, such as designing, fabricating, and characterizing different RF/microwave magnetic materials, devices, and subsystems. The company provides a range of testing, prototyping, and characterization services and a diverse list of sample products.

Highlight Technologies & Products

      • NEMS Magnetoelectric Antennas for RF, Microwave, and Bio-medical Applications
        • Frequency coverage from MHz to GHz (VHF and UHF)
        • 1 to 2 order size reduction
        • Ground plane immunity from the metallic surfaces or the human body
        • Integrated capability to CMOS technology
        • Highlight news on NATURE and SCIENCE
        • First Prize: Nasa Tech Briefs – Create the Future Design Contest
          (In electronics/sensors/IoT category with over 800 entries from 60 countries)
      • Ultra-compact Very Low Frequency (VLF) Magnetoelectric Antenna Communication Systems
        • 3 to 5 order size reduction
        • Ground plane immunity from the metallic surfaces or the human body
        • For harsh environments such as Underground, Underwater, and Hypersonic Flight
      • Conformal Compact Magnetodielectric Antenna for HF and VHF Communication
        • 1 to 3 order height reduction (Conformal and planner)
        • Ground plane immunity from the metallic surfaces or the human body
        • Antenna gain comparable with off-the-shelf antennas
        • Scalable frequency coverage from tens of 3MHz to 300MHz (High Frequency to Very High Frequency)
      • Low-Temperature (<100C) Fast Deposition Spin-Spray System of Ferrite Films for RF, Microwave, and Power Applications
        • Frequency covered up to 3 GHz
        • Maximum size: 24 inches diameter (Spin-spray)
        • Thickness: Up to 10 microns on GaAs, PCB, Si, Ceramics, glass, transparencies, Mica, etc
        • Compositions: (Ni, Zn)-Ferrite, (Ni, Co, Zn)-ferrite, (Mn, Zn)-Ferrite, etc.
        • Demonstrated thick magnetic PCBs with multilayered ferrite films with a relative permeability of >100.
      • Ultra-sensitive NEMS Magnetoelectric Sensor for Pico-Tesla DC Magnetic Field Detection
        • Ultra-miniaturized, power efficient, high-sensitivity, and high-resolution
        • Integrated capability to CMOS technology
      • Ultra-sensitive hand-held mobile gas sensors for various purposes
        • Development of SARS-CoV-2 gas sensor with funding from the industry, NIH and DARPA
        • Early screening of lung cancer/dementia/substance abuse   through sensing the biomarker volatile organic compounds from exhaled breath
        • Detection of trace amounts of controlled substances, such as opioids, explosives, etc.

Deposition and Materials Growth Services

  • Automated 6-target physical vapor deposition (PVD)
  • Spin-spray and linear-spray of high-quality thin-film ferrite
  • Electrochemical plating
  • Sol-gel processing
  • Magnetic annealing – Capacity 25 wafers and up to 5 inches.

Major Characterization Services

  • Magnetostriction tester for thin film and bulk materials
  • Radiant ferroelectric testing
  • Broadband magnetoelectric testing
  • Narrowband magnetoelectric testing
  • Broadband 0.5 ~ 15 GHz frequency-sweep permeameter
  • Permeameters for permeability between 1MHz ~ 18 GHz
  • Magnetic domain observation by magneto-optical Kerr imaging
  • BH Loop for fast magnetic hysteresis measurements
  • Lakeshore vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM)
  • X-ray diffraction (XRD)
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Lab Machinery and Equipment