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Welcome to Winchester Technologies, an electronics engineering firm that researches, designs, builds, and retails products for RF and microwave devices and subsystems. Over the past decade since its founding, Winchester Technologies has become a leader in the industry for research and production of magnetic, ferroelectric, and multiferroic materials.

Multiferroics have a demonstrated potential to increase the power efficiency of devices while reducing overall energy consumption. Winchester Technologies has developed numerous products such as films, antennas, sensors that have applications in various RF and microwave technologies.

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Efforts on SARS-CoV-2 sensors and sensor systems for pathogen monitoring at Sun’s Lab won the Trinity Challenge Award!


What if we could detect outbreaks before they spiraled out of control to cost lives and livelihoods? A wireless sensor network, with patented sensor technologies, offers a surveillance s…

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Winchester Technologies had won two awards from the industry and Four awards from different DoD agencies in 2020

* Industrial Research and Collaborations are not included*

Winchester received Army SBIR Phase 2: “Compact and Passive Thin-Film Frequency-Selective Limiters for Resilient Antijamming GPS Receivers” – 2020/8Winchest…

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COVID19 Research at Sun’s Lab is in the news at www.wired.com! “Could Breathalyzers Make Covid Testing Quicker and Easier?”

Earlier this year, Nian Sun, a Northeastern University engineering professor, made the switch from studying gas sensors that detect lung cancer biomarkers to sensors targeting the novel coronavirus. With an NSF grant re…

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