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Efforts on SARS-CoV-2 sensors and sensor systems for pathogen monitoring at Sun’s Lab won the Trinity Challenge Award!

( What if we could detect outbreaks before they spiraled out of control to cost lives and livelihoods? A wireless sensor network, with patented sensor technologies, offers a surveillance solution that detects pathogens in air and water up to one week before cases are present in humans. This low-cost, game-changing system can be deployed in… Continue Reading →

Winchester Technologies had won two awards from the industry and Four awards from different DoD agencies in 2020

* Industrial Research and Collaborations are not included* Winchester received Army SBIR Phase 2: “Compact and Passive Thin-Film Frequency-Selective Limiters for Resilient Antijamming GPS Receivers” – 2020/8 Winchester received Army SBIR Phase 1: “Additively Manufactured Functionally Graded Radomes for Hypersonic Vehicles” – 2020/7 Winchester received Navy SBIR Phase 1: “Rapid Reconstitution of Submarine Shore Very… Continue Reading →

COVID19 Research at Sun’s Lab is in the news at! “Could Breathalyzers Make Covid Testing Quicker and Easier?”

Earlier this year, Nian Sun, a Northeastern University engineering professor, made the switch from studying gas sensors that detect lung cancer biomarkers to sensors targeting the novel coronavirus. With an NSF grant received in June, Sun and his colleagues have developed a handheld breathalyzer outfitted with electrochemical sensors made to catch viral particles from the air,… Continue Reading →

Our founder & technical advisor Nian Sun was awarded the Constantinos Mavroidis Outstanding Translational Research Award from the College of Engineering, Northeastern University in 2020

Originally named the Outstanding Translational Research Award, in 2020 the award was renamed in honor of Constantinos Mavroidis, a College of Engineering Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Director of the Biomedical Mechatronics Laboratory. His admirable dedication, accomplishments, and contributions to research and education embody the essence of the award. Professor Mavroidis was… Continue Reading →

Our founder & technical advisor Nian Sun was awarded the Humboldt Research Award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany in 2019

 “The award is granted in recognition of a researcher’s entire achievements to date to academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements in the future.” Read Full Article

Our founder & technical advisor Nian Sun’s group received Upstage Lung Cancer Foundation award: “A New Ultra-sensitive, Highly Specific Hand-held Gas Sensor System for Biomarker Volatile Organic Compounds from Exhaled Breath for Early Screening of Lung Cancer”

The Sun Lab is developing a new ultra-sensitive, highly specific hand-held gas sensor system for biomarker volatile organic compounds from exhaled breath for early screening of lung cancer. Lung cancer screening by CT scan is USPSTF recommended in a high-risk population, of which the implementation in rural areas has been challenging, and false positives have… Continue Reading →

Winchester Technologies had won six awards from different DoD agencies in 2019

Winchester received MDA SBIR Phase 1: “Ultra-compact Very Low Frequency Magnetoelectric Antennas and Communication Systems for Hypersonic Flight” – 2019/12 Winchester received Army SBIR Phase 1: “Low Temperature Spin Spray Deposition of High Crystalline Quality Magnetic and Antiferromagnetic Oxide Films on Topological Insulators” – 2019/12 Winchester received Army SBIR Phase 2 Option: “CMOS Compatible Deposition… Continue Reading →